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Friends Only Journal

HAHA! My life. Of all lives. Is rated R. I swear a lot.


(comment to be added or add yourself and THEN comment. I wont really reject anyone unless these rules don't make any sense to you)

1. First off, make sure you have the same interests as me. I hate people who have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to my interests.

2. Don't speak like you're a homie from da ghetto, dawg. AnD dOn'T tYpE liEk DiS eItHaH.

3. Make sure you comment and actually update your journal, or I WILL CUT YOU. Literally. xDDDDD Okay bad pun...

4. I sometimes do things I more than likely shouldn't be doing (I suck at life). I write about them. I don't like when people tell me what I shouldn't and should be doing, so keep that in mind. It is my journal, afterall. These are my thoughts.

5. Despite what I might sound like, I'm a really nice and carefree person. I tend to not complain and go all emo.

6. I AM A LIBERAL. I have strong beliefs. Keep this in mind when adding.

Things I don't care about that most people DO care about:
-LJ cuts. I don't care if you screw my friend's page up. Go crazy, I don't mind. Life goes on, who the hell cares if my friend's page is messed up? Not me.
-Swearing. Swear away. I don't care.
-Pointless entries. We all have them -- admit it! You can make a three word entry. I don't give a shit.

Dat ish all. Ha. I'm so cool.
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